Life Stories

I'm very glad Phillip and I became friends my senior year of high school. Throughout our high school career we may have had classes together but the best one was Volleyball, Badminton, and tennis class which was a blow off class. Because of the openness of the class Phillip and I basically had a full hour to talk about anything. Usually about how he was excited to join the Marines or debating whose '69 Camaro was better. I still think mine personally. We would always give our best at every one of those stupid games that no one else cared about. Phillip and I would always be in front of the pack for the warm up lap and our group for all of the sports would get so into each sport that we would dive for the birdie or ball or whatever and slide into the bases for kick ball. Looking back I see that he gave his best at everything and he loved what he did so I know he was a great Marine. Phillip was an outstanding guy and a will always be missed. There is no way anyone can ever thank Phil and the armed forces for the sacrifice they make to keep us safe, but I will always try by remembering Phil. Semper Fi!